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Whole body body weight loss slimming shaping instrument

Whole body body weight loss slimming shaping instrument

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1. The appearance is mini and generous, easy to carry and use.

2. Effective ultrasonic facial and body beauty agent.

3. Skin care can be cleared, lightened, and smooth the appearance of the skin.

4. Thoroughly clean and moisturize, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fat deposits, and firm the skin texture.

5. The device uses 1Mhz ultrasonic and infrared energy to massage and effectively treat the skin, and performs ultrasonic weight loss massage to shape the body contour, eliminate excess fat, condition muscles, and stimulate the skin. Achieve healthy body functions through cell regeneration and body metabolism regulation. 6. The instrument can perform ultrasonic, infrared and micro-current treatment on skin and body at the same time.


1. Red light (640nm): 1-6mm through the skin. Used to regenerate skin cells and relieve pain in allergic skin. 2. Green light (532nm): 0.5-2mm through the skin. The sedative effect is good. Deep repair and whitening. 3. Blue light (440nm): penetrate the skin 1mm. Eliminate acne and suppress inflammation. 4. Green light (490nm): penetrate the skin 1mm. Improve cell energy, promote metabolism, and improve skin quality. 5. Purple light (430nm): penetrates the skin 1mm. Brighten erythema, eliminate acne and repair skin. 6. Blue-green: improve cell energy and promote metabolism 7. Sound waves: burn fat to lose weight 8. EMS: dredge meridians 9. Infrared rays: promote metabolism and enhance immunity 10. Vibration: promote absorption 11.

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